As the leading Phoenix painter, Beautiful America Painting provides a wide array of interior and exterior painting services for residential projects.  As any good painter knows, there are many ways to bring out the beauty of your living space.  A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room or your home.  If you are looking to liven up the atmosphere, a change of color(s) can make a world of difference.

When searching for a House Painter in Phoenix, quality must be the utmost importance.  Paint provides beauty abd elegance, as well as protection from elements.  By painting your home, you can add value and make a great first impression...what realtors call 'Curb appeal" which is essential if you plan on selling your home.  However, not every Phoenix painter is dedicated to quality like Beautiful America Painting.

Once you contact us, we will set up an agreed upon time to visit you.  At that time, we will answer any questions, and provide you with a written estimate. Unlike many other Phoenix painters, we always ask that the homeowner be present at the time of the estimate so that any and all concerns can be addressed. 

Is there  any fee for an estimate?

No. Estimates are always free of charge.

Are there any persistent follow up calls, junk mail, or email, from which it is impossible to unsubscribe after the estimate?

No. One of the things that we don't like the most is getting a quote for a product or a service and receiving unending sales calls after. Some business have a practice of following up with the potential customer until they "buy or die".
I belive in the ability of the people to make a decision for themselves and if you did not like the price or anything else for that mater, there is no pressure to enter into a contract..

How long does it  take to get a free estimate?
It depends on how big is the house, but normally takes about 15 minutes

Can I get an estimate on the same day I call?

That depends if one of the estimated is available. It's best to call a day in advance.

If we agree on the price how soon can I start?

With in a week or 2 weeks. Depends on how busy we are. But we will always work with your schedule.