Interior painting

Cover all furniture with plastic.
Remove  blinds and outlet plates covers.
Use plastic and tarps to cover floors.
Fix cracks, drywall repair, and caulk nail holes.
Apply two coats of paint, wait about 15 to 20 minutes till the paint is  dry before applying the second coat. Some paint might require 3 coats.

Paint to use.

Flat paint covers really good but are non washable; Dirt and stains will not come off. There are washable  flat paints, but they are more expensive. Flat paints are normally used by home builder because they are cheap. 
Most homes are painted with low sheen, eggshell, or semi-gloss.

How to choose a paint color for interior painting.

The best way is to test the color on the wall. Colors on paper always look different on the wall.
Best place to buy paint samples is The Home Depot for $3.
Test the color on different walls. Light will make the color appear different on different walls.

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