Exterior house painting

 How to paint an exterior of a house.

To provide good adhesion of the paint to the surface wash the entire house with a pressure washer
Scrape loose paint
Fix cracks and holes
Mask windows, doors and cover driveways, walkways, and plants around the house
Spray the body of the house and inside of the trim.  Outside part of the trim is usually painted by hand or roller in order not to get any over spray on the roof tile.

Types of paint used in AZ

Dunn Edwards and Frazee are mostoften used by painting contractors because of its high quality.
The most popular ones are Versaflat, Acry-hues, Acryflat (Dunn Edwards) Acri-kote, Rustic (Frazee)
Vesaflat: least expensive production paint
Acry-hue: middle grade
Endurable: middle grade 
Acryflat: Top grade
Evershied: Top premium
Rustic: Middle grade
Acri-kote: Top grade

1. Powerwash

All surfaces to be painted will be  pressure washed.  This step helps new paint to adhere to the existing surface, and remove pollutants and dirt.  We will  also clean all existing concrete walks, drives, patios and any other surface surrounding the home.

2. Protect property

All areas around the  home, including shrubs, landscaping, etc. will be protected from start to finish by drop cloths and poly plastic.  We use drop cloths to cover plants, this way can still breath and don't over heat.  All light fixtures and stones will be masked to prevent paint damaging these areas.

3. Caulking

Loose caulking will be removed and all gaps and all cracks will be filled with  25-30 year caulking to prevent water and moisture from entering your home.  Loose nails  will be re-set and filled as necessary.

4. Stucco repairs

Beautiful America Painting will provide minor stucco patching and repair cracks; we will fix any cracks that are less than 1/4th of an inch in size.

5. Scraping & priming

Any and all loose paint that was not removed by pressure washing will be scraped off by hand.  We will then prime all raw wood with a wood primer.and prime stucco where needed.

6. Application

100% Acrylic paint will be applied with a sprayer and rolled into the pours of the home. All facial boards will receive two coats to be cut with a brush and roller,